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Updates [current Uno-chan script version: 4.05(080203)]

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Unochan's First Tournament!

UPDATE! Thanks for those who participated, and congratulations to sbutter for winning the 1st Unochan Tournament! Results can be found HERE.

Sorry about leaving the website not updated for a long time. First of all, happy chinese new year! Today, I bring to you the announcement of Unochan's first tournament!

The rewards will be as followed:

1st place - 2500 points
2nd place - 1000 points
3rd place - 500 points

The tournament will be held on February 16, 2008, at 7PM (GMT -8).

Players can register from now to February 16, 2008, at 12PM noon, which will be the deadline to register. To register, simply message Crystal with "/msg Crystal !tourney enter [username]" (without quotation)

100 points will be given to everyone who enter the tournament. A chart will be create before the tournament starts. Every game will be 1v1. If a person's opponent does not show up before their round start, the opponent will be disqualified from the tournament and thus, they automatically win. If a person does not show up, they will not get the 100 points for registering.

If by the time the chart is posted and Crystal for some reason did not put you on there, please notify her or Kenn. If there is not enough people registered for this tournament, it will be cancelled.

To unregister for the tournament or give up, "/msg Crystal !tourney exit [username]"

I hope to see you all enter. Best of luck!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy 2006!

Happy belated new year! And an early happy Chinese new year! It's on Jan 28 this year I think. ^-^

As you guys have probably noticed, the site has had a facelift. Commands and custom rules are all up to date mostly. The forum is now closed due to its uselessness, so join IRC if you want to contact us or just to chat.

Since my second semester has started, I won't be as active in scripting as before, but there will be small updates from time to time as I see fit.

Anyways, hope you guys have/had a restful holiday, as I know some of you are still on vacation. And if you ever get tired of daily stresses, you know where to go. =]

Monday, January 02, 2006

Rule 9 added.

Uno-Chan is now 4.02 with bunch of minor bug fixes and the addition of the new rule: Challenge WD4.

With this rule on, "if you play a wild draw four card when you have a card of the playable color in your hand, the next player can challenge you. If you have played correctly, the next player must draw six cards. If you have bluffed, you have to draw four cards." (From Wiki)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Uno-chan has upgraded to 4.0!

Long time no updates. I was busy with school and there wasn't really anything new to update about. It's holiday now so I finally decided to do something about this big old junk of a script of mine..

Around 80% of the gaming portion of the script has be completely rewrote. It was tedious but necessary because the old version was way too unorganized for any more updates.

Most of the functions work exactly the same way as before, with a few exceptions:
  • The script had a face lift! It now looks much stylish (personal opinion) than before, and changing the color settings is much easier, so do feel free to suggest some color patterns.
  • Custom rule 8 is added! "SpecialCard End", which penalize the player with two cards if the last card he/she played is a special card (i.e. R S DT WD4 WILD)
  • The bot now notices the player with error messages when the card played is not valid (i.e. doesn't match color, doesn't have the card etc)
  • Wild and WD4 are now played with command "play (desired color) (w/wd4)" instead of playing then choosing color like before.
Things I'd like to do in the future:
  • Fix all the bugs (none yet, but I'm sure there's some hidden somewhere...) that came with all the changes.
  • New custom rule that lets you challenge WD4, a rule that exists in officla Uno rules (or perhaps house rules..)
  • Something new that I shall now code name it "Dark Uno". It should be a fun addition to the script~ No more info about it for now, for various reasons.. =3
I hope I can get all those done before second semester starts...(in 5 days) After that, I might have to go missing again due to school work..
Well, that's it for now. Have fun unoing!
2005 Sept 06 -

No internet for till 7th (8th) even, and stupid school's computer won't allow java chatter. Ah well. See you guys in a few days.

- Kenn
2005 Aug 16 -

Someone, should like, seriously like, tell Kenshin to update this, instead of me XD. Anyway.. The bot now works with Multicard. Also, wait time to gamble again is now 5 seconds instead of 20. Each game you play is now 2 token instead of 5, because too many people abused gamble script. Now it is less possible to win from gamble due to again, abuse.

If anyone ever get caught cheating, we will subtract 1000 points from your total score. 3 strikes and you're banned. If you make a script to auto play, thats a fraud also. If you get a friend to keep drawing and do it, you BOTH will get 1000 points taken off. We won't tolerate cheating.

We are thinking of a new rule that makes each time you draw is double draw, meaning, you will draw 2 cards total. Give us comments, ideas, anything! (except poop) Okie that is all, see you guys next time.

- Crystal
2005 Aug 15 -

Ok, blah. I got annoyed. IPs (mostly proxies) with IP *!*@*.IP are now banned. If you are one of those poor people that can't do anything bout your IP being that way, msg me (Crystal) or Kenn to make an appeal and we'll put you on exception list.

Etou.. oh yes, that baka kenshin added a gamble option. Basicly, you gamble your points using !unogamble [pt]. There is a certain limit of points you can gamble. The higher your bid is the less chance youll have of winning. If you lose, you lose the points you bidded, and visa versa. PLEASE dont bid more than what you have. It is 1 token per gamble. Each game you play is 5 token. You cannot gamble while a game is going on.

That is all for now.

- Crystal
2005 Aug 12 -

Heh first update. Well! Welcome, peeps. Finally got this site up. Bleak looking but good enough for now. If you wanna help out please please contact us on our IRC channel, it will be greatly appreciated!

Anyways! Rule 6 is added! With it on you gotta type uno when you have only one card left, or when the person before you has one. Check details on the Custom Rules page.

Also! Added !startuno, which many people's been requesting for a long time now. ^^" You type it after !uno to start the game and not have to wait 30 seconds like you usually would.

Ah damn gotta find a script that does updates without me having to html everything in... And wish this darn freehost supports asp or whatever...

- Kenn